Watermelons captioned with 12 Weeks to a Rocking Bikini Body

O, my, word, girls! If you live in the Southern Hemisphere it’s almost that time again – BIKINI SEASON! Eek! I have been particularly lazy in terms of sticking to a fitness routine this… uhm… year! That’s right! I haven’t done any exercise since February 2015! Cue mini hyperventilation attack! I must also add that I’m a bit of a procrastinator; hence I often subject myself to major cram time! Consequently, from this point on it’s exactly what I will be doing! I’m lucky in a sense that I don’t pick weight up easily, hence there’s not much to drop, and my biggest goal is toning.

Ahh…. Don’t you just love that word – toning? (I hope you can detect a bit of sarcasm there…) The reason for my cynicism is due to the nebulous usage of the word. Just refer to nearly every single magazine isle whilst doing your daily grocery run during summer time and you’re sure to spot what I’m referring to. Cover upon cover promising these tight, toned abs and pert backside in 4 just weeks! I call BS on these lies! Been there, tried that – didn’t bother to buy the T-shirt! No, this year I’m particularly excited to try the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide.

Now, if you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so, you might be asking just who the heck Kayla Itsines is, she’s the girl who’s responsible for a couple of brilliant e-books to whip you into bikini shape in approximately 12 weeks. Her Instagram account is full of photographic testimonials from women all over the globe documenting their progress and results. I’ll be doing the same; I believe (read hope) that this will enable me to stay motivated!

There are 2 basic guides, one for exercise and one for nutrition. The exercise portion lists 2 circuits, each taking 7 minutes to complete, and you’ll need to repeat each circuit TWICE. That equates to 14 minutes per circuit and a total of 28 minutes a day. Each week contains 3 days of circuit training sessions. Depending on your needs, you can also add cardio – as suggested by Kayla. I despise cardio thus I will not be doing this portion of the routine. Kayla’s H.E.L.P. – Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Plan contains meal suggestions and healthy eating guidelines, if you need to shed a few extra kilos I’d recommend using these 2 books in conjunction with each another.

Kayla’s e-books explain everything in a simple and precise manner. You can even do these exercises at home, however; you will need certain gym equipment that you might not typically have laying around, for example, a Bosuball and benches. Be sure to consult your general practitioner or similar health care professional BEFORE starting a fitness routine. Furthermore, remember to measure and weigh yourself, in addition to taking before photos. This benefits you by tracking your progress whilst ensuring motivation! You can purchase the e-books here. You can also follow Kayla on Instagram.

Today is almost exactly 12 weeks from Reconciliation Day on the 16th of December – that’s right around the start of the holidays! Hence, there’s no better time than the present! Remember to tag (@beatnikpeach) and share your progress on Instagram using #beatnikpeachbikinicountdown

Due to a truly crazy schedule, as well as, lack of motivation :(,  I’ve postponed this challenge. However I will endeavour to start soon, and share my progress!

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