Month: March 2017

Healthy, Quick & Easy Pancakes Recipe!

What an extremely mediocre week! You know what I’m talking about – craving sleep all day, longing to veg out in front of the TV and undertake as little as humanly possible!

I’m not an advocate of eating your feelings, however occasionally the best part of my day is stuffing my face! lol Therefore, I’ve decided to share this wonderful super easy, scrumptious recipe with you.


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My top 5 favourite Instagram Accounts!

Happy Sunday everyone! I have a confession… I’m completely obsessed with Instagram – Aren’t we all!? So today I’m sharing a brief post on my absolute favorite Intagram accounts.

Anna Nyström – The Fitness Model

Anna Nostrum Fitness Model Selfie

Followers to Date: 4 Million

Posts about: Health/Fitness/Travel

Why I love this account: O, where to begin! This Swedish bombshell provokes an inundated urge in me to wake up at 5am, haul my heinie to the gym and adopt a healthy lifestyle – indefinitely! She’s unequivocally striking and the embodiment of Healthy Living.


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Hot Topic: Consider having a Blonde moment!

Black & White image of Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe – The Original Blonde Bombshell

With ample remarkable advancements in hair technology from numerous professional brands, blonde/platinum, and other fashion colours have become spectacularly popular. If done correctly there truly is no comparison as far as artificial hair colour goes. However, with the increasing popularity of these colours, I’ve noticed through talking with a lot of clients that there are some colossal misconceptions with regards to attaining these, thus as a qualified hairstylist, I feel it’s my duty to elaborate on the process/processes involved. I’ve seen some horrifying dye jobs, that have left clients in tears. I’d like to help you make an educated decision should you decide to continuing this pilgrimage towards platinum locks that would make the Mother of Dragons envious.


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