Hi Peaches! So if you’ve ever had highlights or dabbled in being a blonde bombshell, you’ll understand exactly what I mean when I say that keeping your colour fresh (read less brassy than your copper piping) is a struggle!

Most clients that I see on a daily basis don’t exactly understand why… So If you’re interested in the “science” behind avoiding this trashy – less classy faux pas read on…

If you have a good hairstylist (lucky you!) you should be totally satisfied when leaving your appointment, especially when it comes to blonde. Ideally, your stylist will insist on a toner, which is essential to cancel out any unwanted tones in your hair after the lightning process (you can read my article on blonde hair here).

A toner is in fact – if done correctly – just another term for a semi-permanent colour. This means that depending on various factors it will wash out between approximately 2 to 4 weeks. Thereafter, your hair is likely to turn yellow/brassy – this is where the importance of a silver / purple shampoo should form part of your hair care regimen. To keep your colour on point until your next appointment where you’ll either touch up your roots, get another toner or both.

I’ve been blonde for quite some time, I also have a lot of blonde clients so I have experimented with many products, and thus far this is definitely the best silver/purple shampoo I’ve come across, I recommend it to all my clients, and to you my dear reader!

The results are amazing as you’ll see in my video. I hope this helps you, also I’d love to hear about your favourite products!

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Olivia Garden Ceramic & Ion Thermal Collection
Black Diamond Comb – Master Waver, 8.5 Inch
Beauty Pro Sectioning Clip – Metal Foil Clip

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Biosense Colour Seal Silver Shampoo
PUREOLOGY Smooth Perfection Intense Smoothing Cream