Rose Gold Oval Brush Set in black perspex stand

Hello Peaches! To do anything well it’s important to have the right tool for the job. If you adore makeup as much as I do, you know that nothing surpasses having a decent brush set. I don’t know about you, but with all the products, lotions and potions this routine can become relatively chaotic, well, it does for me, especially when I’m in a rush! Therefore, the entire process seems to be better orchestrated when having a decent set. I have numerous brush sets, I’ve wanted to splurge on another personal set for a while, but I just haven’t found a set that appealed to me until now!

Enter White Rabbit Republic (WRR). What initially drew my attention to this brand is their cruelty-free approach. I’m a gargantuan animal enthusiast, therefore, I absolutely love that this brand is 100% cruelty-free. I’ve also been looking at similar brushes online, for example, the Elite Mirror Ten Brush Set retails for $360 ( This is quite a bit when converted to South African currency. Hence the price for these brushes are cheap in comparison, however you get what you pay for.

These brushes look super stylish, and are accompanied by a truly expedient brush stand which keeps everything organized! There’s nothing worse than having to stop midway through your daily makeup routine to hunt for that brush you swore you had just a second ago. The stand, which consists from black Perspex, is effortless to assemble and has the adorable WRR bunny emblem on it. Made from synthetic, soft, densely packed bristles applying liquid, powder and cream products has never been easier! Synthetic bristles also decrease product wastage. The ferrules are rose gold plastic and the handles have a rubber-like polymer giving them a matte finish, seemingly an exact replica of the Real Techniques (RT) brush handles.

This concerns me to a certain extent, due to previous disappointment with the RT Brushes specifically the coating on the handles. I’ve had an experience in the past where I cleaned my RT brushes with 91% Propyl Alcohol (I’m a germaphobe) and the polymer started peeling. Not the best look. I cannot say with a 100% certainty that these brushes will do the same, but time will tell.

After using the brushes my experience is that they are ideal for full face, liquid, powder and cream application, foundation, blush, concealer, powder contouring, particularly precise contouring in addition to the perfect lipstick application. However, for me, loving a precise cat eye using liquid/gel, the brush was not adequately effective. I didn’t achieve the desired precision. Perhaps the bristles are too long and thus not effective for meticulousness application. If you prefer a smoky/smudged line this is irrelevant. It creates an excellent smoked liner. I find that you can also create a killer cut crease using the tiny elliptical brush. However, for eyeshadow I don’t feel that the brushes offer effective application when desiring an evenly blended effect. Possibly due to the dense stubby bristles.

You could have and unparalleled makeup collection alphabetically organized and colour coordinated to a T, yet if you don’t have the correct tools, it’s meaningless.

Upon purchasing this set WRR were kind enough to send me an extra set. Therefore, I’m running this giveaway, as I’m sure they’ll be cherished by someone who’d enjoy to add to their collection, or even a newbie that would appreciate a set that’s specifically made for personal makeup application.

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Best of Luck! xxx

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