DIY Face Mask for Glowing Skin!

honey and yogurt in cups with flower decorations and DIY Capital lettersHi Peaches!! It’s official, winter has clearly hit South Africa. Here’s to snuggles in front of the fire, Glühwein, reading your fave book under the covers or just spending the entire weekend in (extremely) warm PJ’s being completely idle!

But with the sweet comes the sour – and by sour I’m referring to dry, and (heaven forbid) flaky skin, hence I thought I’d share one of my most-liked DIY beauty masks for supple, smooth skin, in addition to being ridiculously inexpensive, it’s easy to concoct, au natural and you’re likely to have these items in your home already!


4 TBSP of Plain Yogurt
1 TBSP of Honey

Mix the ingredients together in a container, thereafter, place it in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes (if you have time at your disposal) – I usually cleanse my face well and ensure that I remove all traces of make-up during this waiting period.

Using your (clean) fingertips gently apply this to your face and let sit for approximately 15 minutes (enough time to do a quick manicure!). Et Voila! You’re ready to rinse and enjoy the feeling of pampered skin!

There’s a multitude of products that you can enlist for homemade skin masks. What’s superb about this mask in particular is that the lactic acid in the yogurt exfoliates the skin, whilst honey is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds which help to decrease the appearances of scars and increase healing and tissue regeneration.




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You’re 3 Apps away from the Perfect Airbrushed Selfie!

Beatnik Peach edited with her top 3 selfie editing apps.



Hi Peaches! When it comes to selfies, let’s be honest, we all aspire to look immaculate, especially when they’re shared on Social Media! Airbrushed Magazine covers and advertisements surround us, and often, our filter-less selfies pales in comparison! Surely we deserve to look as impeccable as the stars!? Snapchat filters are remarkable, unfortunately they just aren’t equipped when it comes to fixing that horrible face crater or correcting ghastly lighting, thus not doing our gorgeous selves justice! Therefore, I’ve researched and compiled my picks of the top apps to get you glammed up, allowing you can slay everyday – no Photoshop training necessary!

AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor – FREE
4.8* – 10 Million Downloads
It doesn’t get much easier than this app, you can target acne or let the app miraculously work its magic, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, give yourself a tan, manipulate your features, cinch that waist and smooth your skin. Makeup filters are available, with an assortment of options that can fill brows, add lipstick, or fake a smoky eye. You’re welcome!

Perfect 365: One-Tap Makeover – FREE
4.2* – 10 Million Downloads
The best free virtual makeup apps out there, it’s like having your own personal glam squad in your pocket, it’s free, however additional in-app purchases are available for special features! Covering everything from foundation to hair, the possibilities are endless! What more could a girl ask for!?

Snow: Selfie, Motion sticker – FREE
4.2* – 50 Million Downloads
My current favorite app! With the rise of Instagram stories, Snapchat is majorly upping their game with adorable filters, but in Korea, they’ve been using snow to fulfil their motion filter cravings. It has thousands of zany filters, plus it’s a real-time Photoshop for normal selfies also. Warning: this app may lead to severe procrastination.

So there you have it babes – go forth and be on fleek!


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Worth the Splurge: BB & CC Cream

Channel CC Cream and Dior BB CreamOMG girls! After months (possibly even years – cue inner diva) I’ve finally (for now) found the ultimate in make-up magnificence!

Alliterative creams—beauty balms (BB) and colour correcting (CC) — have been around for, like, ever. Yet, I’ve only recently discovered how amazing they are! A (CC) cream has the distinctive property of targeting discoloration, whilst also treating uneven skin tone it vaunts the power of a (BB) Cream which serves as an all-in-one foundation, moisturiser, primer, as well as a SPF. Specifications and properties tend to vary from brand to brand, but I’ve found what I believe to be the pinnacle in both these categories.

Chanel (CC) Cream

Great for dry skin, Chanel’s creamy formula includes hyaluronic acid to fight fine lines while providing maximum hydration. It cancels out some of the redness and minimizes the visibility of my blemishes, although I still need to use a concealer. My skin is subsequently left with a slight luminous glow and visibly reduced pores. The texture is semi-matte but luminous. I’m also lucky enough to find a shade (Beige 10) to match my fair skin tone perfectly (a victory in its own right). This product comes with a hefty price tag, but it’s texture, buildable coverage and noteworthy properties have me mesmerised.

Dior Hydra Life (BB) Cream

Ladies, allow me to introduce Hydra Life (BB) Cream, a moisturising, sublimating and protective BB cream that breathes youthfulness and beauty into the skin. Its fresh texture, subtle color, reveals a velvety skin, without imperfections, that radiates naturalness. It adds the moisturising and anti-aging power of Dior’s classic Hydra Life line, in addition to combining the properties of a unifying make-up base that reveals unparalleled luminosity. A product that corrects the imperfections and irregularities of the surface, unifies the tone and sublimates the luminosity to instantly reveal a perfectly smooth and velvety skin, without defects. Skin is protected encapsulating all its freshness which reveals in a lasting way a vibrant youthful beauty. What more could I possibly say!? Perfection…

Almost… So close, but yet so far… The lightest shade 001 LUMINOUS BEIGE – *Rolls Eyes* is way too dark for my complexion… Can you hear the violins??? *Sigh*

Once again this is not a cheap product, however – if you’re not a whiter shade of pale – like moi it’s unquestionably a winner!

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Exclusive Interview with Photographer Peter Chan

During a recent holiday I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to collaborate with Professional Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Photographer, Peter Chan. As a Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist I’m mostly more comfortable behind the scenes, although I fancy myself as being a bit of a selfie enthusiast. However, since this is my first post for 2017, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and explore another facet of this diverse industry, by playing dress up and trying to strike a pose for the camera. I’m tremendously grateful for Peter’s easy going personality as I was quite nervous about this shoot, however he directed me effortlessly and made me feel at home in front of the camera. Of course I also leaped at the opportunity to interview Peter to learn more about Photography.


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Top 5 Benefit Products Pictured

Today’s post is dedicated to one of my favourite makeup brands – Benefit Cosmetics. Here in South Africa we’re lucky enough to welcome this brand back to our motherland, after being pulled from shelves back in 2012. Therefore, to celebrate, I round up my Top 5 favourite products. Benefit relaunched in July 2015 and is available at selected Edgars and Red Square stores. (more…)

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Interview with Cape Town Veteran Makeup Artist, David Sharp

I recently sat down with my friend, and veteran professional makeup artist David Sharp. He is celebrating his 15th year in the beauty industry and is currently the top Artist for Lancôme South Africa. Throughout his career, he has learned and experienced so much and I’m delighted to share his words of wisdom with you.

Veteran Makeup Artist, David Sharp holding brush - Photographed by Michael MacLachlan
David Sharp – Photographed by Michael MacLachlan
Wow! 15 years of makeup and beauty experience under your belt! How does it feel?

It feels good! I’ve accomplished A LOT in 15 years! I’ve learned so many things, and I still have loads more to learn! I think that now I have a lot to give back! The industry has changed quite a bit, in terms of how people perceive beauty. I somehow feel that the media can be misogynistic from time to time. Women are constantly bombarded by edited, flawless versions of celebrities, models, etc. Therefore, I’m here to reassure women that it’s perfectly normal to have these (perceived) flaws, and that I’m not here to change the way they look – I’m here to enhance their best features.

When did you know a career in beauty was your passion?

I never imagined I would become a make-up artist as I actually started my career as a hairstylist! Consequently, I opted for a change into retail where I worked for Lancôme – 13 years ago. It’s actually after being chosen to work on the Miss SA pageant in 2004/2005 that the artist bug bit and I’ve never looked back.


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Top 5 MAC Products


Today I’ve decided to dedicate a (very brief) post to my 5, absolute must have, MAC products (were talking deserted-island-style-goodies). I’ve been repurchasing these for a number of years now, and I use most daily. I would recommend them to anyone from beginner to pro. So without further waffling, and in no particular order, please bow down to these iconic crowd pleasers.


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Hair Superhero - Olaplex

Superheroes exist as fictitious characters, created to be extra-ordinary. That’s what makes them SUPERHEROES; the rules don’t apply to them. Governed only by the limitations of the imagination, most superheroes are remembered by their super powers. It’s a certain quality that only they possess, setting them apart from the norm, thus catapulting them from the ordinary, right into the atmosphere of awesomeness.   So remarkable that they are often commemorated in publications, animations, film adaptations and idolized by the masses.

I’m incredibly excited to be able to equate these qualities with a product! It goes by the name of Olaplex; and it’s the pioneering Superhero of the hair industry! Just one quick Google search will corroborate this. Similar to other superheroes, it’s already the subject of videos, tutorials, publications and comment threads the world over. Article upon article, photograph upon photograph is indicative of its magnificence. And now, FINALLY, it’s available on South African soil!


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