Let your hair down!

How To: Big Bouncy Curls!

Hi Peaches! I have a confession… Or should I more accurately state… I have an obsession! BIG hair! I love big hair! Especially when my hair is a bit on the shorter side – which contributes to volume!

I love long, sleek, silky hair, just not on myself. Each to their own. Therefore, If like me, you prefer volume and have a hesitation towards habitually heat styling tool use, then this video will be right up your alley!

It’s super easy to do with a bit of practice, a lot of patience and sufficient time for drying.

As always, I hope this helps you, also I’d love to hear about your favourite products and any future video suggestions/requests!

Tools >>>

Medium sized plastic rollers with pins – avalable from most hair supply stores
Black Diamond Comb – Master Waver, 8.5 Inch
Beauty Pro Sectioning Clip – Metal Foil Clip

Products >>>

Davines Curl Moisturizing Mousse
KMS California – Hair Stay

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Awesome Product Alert: The Best Silver Shampoo… EVER!

Hi Peaches! So if you’ve ever had highlights or dabbled in being a blonde bombshell, you’ll understand exactly what I mean when I say that keeping your colour fresh (read less brassy than your copper piping) is a struggle!

Most clients that I see on a daily basis don’t exactly understand why… So If you’re interested in the “science” behind avoiding this trashy – less classy faux pas read on…

If you have a good hairstylist (lucky you!) you should be totally satisfied when leaving your appointment, especially when it comes to blonde. Ideally, your stylist will insist on a toner, which is essential to cancel out any unwanted tones in your hair after the lightning process (you can read my article on blonde hair here).

A toner is in fact – if done correctly – just another term for a semi-permanent colour. This means that depending on various factors it will wash out between approximately 2 to 4 weeks. Thereafter, your hair is likely to turn yellow/brassy – this is where the importance of a silver / purple shampoo should form part of your hair care regimen. To keep your colour on point until your next appointment where you’ll either touch up your roots, get another toner or both.

I’ve been blonde for quite some time, I also have a lot of blonde clients so I have experimented with many products, and thus far this is definitely the best silver/purple shampoo I’ve come across, I recommend it to all my clients, and to you my dear reader!

The results are amazing as you’ll see in my video. I hope this helps you, also I’d love to hear about your favourite products!

Tools >>>

Olivia Garden Ceramic & Ion Thermal Collection
Black Diamond Comb – Master Waver, 8.5 Inch
Beauty Pro Sectioning Clip – Metal Foil Clip

Products >>>

Biosense Colour Seal Silver Shampoo
PUREOLOGY Smooth Perfection Intense Smoothing Cream

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Full Coverage Makeup Routine

Hello Peaches! With the seasons changing I sometimes find that my skin tends to be a bit temperamental, thus somedays it’s necessary to really cover things up good and proper!

Therefore, I decided to share with you my current (my makeup routine changes all the time – especially when trying out new products etc.) full coverage makeup routine!

Hope this video helps you out if you struggle with the same issue! As always, I’d love to interact with you so be a honey bunny and leave me a comment with any suggestions on what you’d like me to create a video about!

Makeup is about having fun, and daring to be different or the same – depending on your mood!

FACE >>>

Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm
Smash box Photo Finish Foundation Primer
Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer in Shade 01
Original Beauty Blender
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC15
MAC Studio Fix Powder + Foundation in NW20
Hoola by Benefit


Christian Faye Eyebrow Kit in Irid Brown
Eyelure Eyebrow Stencil – Full Arch

EYES >>>

MAC Satin Eyeshadow in Brule
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium Deep
MAC Fluidline Gel Liner in Black Track
Duo Eyelash Adhesive in White / Clear
Eylure False Lashes No. 118

Highlighter >>>

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Double – Gleam
MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Show Gold


MAC Sheertone Blush in Peaches

LIPS >>>

MAC Lipliner in Soar
MAC Lipstick in Honey Love

HAIR >>>

Davines Sea Salt Spray


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Product Review: Joico K-Pak 4-step Treatment

This treatment consists of 4 different products combined to offer one in-salon service for repairing, strengthening, nourishing and protecting damaged hair. Each step serves a precise purpose with healthier hair being the ultimate goal. All of these products, excluding the Cuticle Sealer, are available for purchase from professional salons.

Joico K-Pak 4-step Treatment
Joico K-Pak 4-step Treatment


  • Step 1: Chelating Shampoo – An intense clarifying treatment cleanses and removes both mineral and product buildup.
  • Step 2: Cuticle Sealer – Consisting of a slightly acidic compound intended to restore the natural pH level of the hair. Thus smoothing and tightening the hair cuticle, allowing the scales to lie flat, especially beneficial as a post chemical treatment.
  • Step 3: Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor – Contains the highest concentration of protein, intended to rebuild the hair structure. Restores chemically damaged, as well as, thermally damaged hair from the inside out. Additionally aids highly porous hair that doesn’t retain colour.
  • Step 4: Intense Hydrator  – Designed to restore dry, damaged hair, leaving it hydrated, soft, glossy, whilst improving elasticity.


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Hot Topic: Consider having a Blonde moment!

Black & White image of Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe – The Original Blonde Bombshell

With ample remarkable advancements in hair technology from numerous professional brands, blonde/platinum, and other fashion colours have become spectacularly popular. If done correctly there truly is no comparison as far as artificial hair colour goes. However, with the increasing popularity of these colours, I’ve noticed through talking with a lot of clients that there are some colossal misconceptions with regards to attaining these, thus as a qualified hairstylist, I feel it’s my duty to elaborate on the process/processes involved. I’ve seen some horrifying dye jobs, that have left clients in tears. I’d like to help you make an educated decision should you decide to continuing this pilgrimage towards platinum locks that would make the Mother of Dragons envious.


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Exclusive Interview with Photographer Peter Chan

During a recent holiday I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to collaborate with Professional Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Photographer, Peter Chan. As a Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist I’m mostly more comfortable behind the scenes, although I fancy myself as being a bit of a selfie enthusiast. However, since this is my first post for 2017, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and explore another facet of this diverse industry, by playing dress up and trying to strike a pose for the camera. I’m tremendously grateful for Peter’s easy going personality as I was quite nervous about this shoot, however he directed me effortlessly and made me feel at home in front of the camera. Of course I also leaped at the opportunity to interview Peter to learn more about Photography.


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Hair Superhero - Olaplex

Superheroes exist as fictitious characters, created to be extra-ordinary. That’s what makes them SUPERHEROES; the rules don’t apply to them. Governed only by the limitations of the imagination, most superheroes are remembered by their super powers. It’s a certain quality that only they possess, setting them apart from the norm, thus catapulting them from the ordinary, right into the atmosphere of awesomeness.   So remarkable that they are often commemorated in publications, animations, film adaptations and idolized by the masses.

I’m incredibly excited to be able to equate these qualities with a product! It goes by the name of Olaplex; and it’s the pioneering Superhero of the hair industry! Just one quick Google search will corroborate this. Similar to other superheroes, it’s already the subject of videos, tutorials, publications and comment threads the world over. Article upon article, photograph upon photograph is indicative of its magnificence. And now, FINALLY, it’s available on South African soil!


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