This treatment consists of 4 different products combined to offer one in-salon service for repairing, strengthening, nourishing and protecting damaged hair. Each step serves a precise purpose with healthier hair being the ultimate goal. All of these products, excluding the Cuticle Sealer, are available for purchase from professional salons.

Joico K-Pak 4-step Treatment
Joico K-Pak 4-step Treatment


  • Step 1: Chelating Shampoo – An intense clarifying treatment cleanses and removes both mineral and product buildup.
  • Step 2: Cuticle Sealer – Consisting of a slightly acidic compound intended to restore the natural pH level of the hair. Thus smoothing and tightening the hair cuticle, allowing the scales to lie flat, especially beneficial as a post chemical treatment.
  • Step 3: Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor – Contains the highest concentration of protein, intended to rebuild the hair structure. Restores chemically damaged, as well as, thermally damaged hair from the inside out. Additionally aids highly porous hair that doesn’t retain colour.
  • Step 4: Intense Hydrator  – Designed to restore dry, damaged hair, leaving it hydrated, soft, glossy, whilst improving elasticity.

Each step requires a 5 minute processing time, with rinsing and towel drying in between steps, this treatment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Not requiring heat for any of these steps is yet another positive, in addition to combining all the elements that account for healthy locks. It is also possible to tailor the treatment to individual needs which is particularly beneficial, especially with restricted time.

Starting with the Chelating Shampoo my hair feels exceptionally clean, and is definitely build-up free. Since this product is quite harsh in terms of cleaning, I would not recommend this as part of an everyday routine. Intended to thoroughly cleanse the hair I suggest minimizing use to no more than once a week, and that’s if you’re loading your hair with styling products. For non-professional home care regimens I encourage this step since these products often leave a substantial amount of build-up on hair.

The Cuticle Sealer, generally speaking, remains available exclusively to professionals. Fabulous for smoothing the cuticle, leaving it shiny, and restoring the natural PH level. Without a doubt, an absolute MUST before / after EVERY chemical service.

Should the hair require protein the Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor is ideal! Restoring hair’s original strength and condition by filling in damaged areas of the cuticle. Not all hair types need protein at any given time. Should you use this product when your hair doesn’t need protein, it might feel stiff and straw-like. I also don’t recommend using this as a stand-alone product and generally insist that the Intense Hydrator complete the treatment. Fun Fact – This product won the stylist choice award in 2014 being voted the “Favourite Damage Repair Product”.

A thick, creamy product like the Intense Hydrator is unparalleled and difficult to beat! Intended for particularly dry hair, it’s definitely a winner in terms of hydrating thirsty tresses. Leaving your mane silky soft and shiny. Think of it as Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream for locks!

I insist on repeating steps 2 and 3, up to three times before a chemical service, in order to strengthen the hair, especially before using a decoloring product. I’d also like to mention that the K-PAK RevitaLuxe is actually a combination of both the Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor, as well as, the Intense Hydrator.

All in all I’m an enormous fan of these products; I have in fact splurged and gotten all 4 steps in 1 litre bottles! This treatment is definitely one of the pinnacles of hair care! If you’re serious about healthy hair this treatment is revered, and for commendable reasons! Combined with the right home-care regimen, healthy hair will certainly be a (welcomed) side-effect!

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