Happy Sunday everyone! I have a confession… I’m completely obsessed with Instagram – Aren’t we all!? So today I’m sharing a brief post on my absolute favorite Intagram accounts.

Anna Nyström – The Fitness Model

Anna Nostrum Fitness Model Selfie

Followers to Date: 4 Million

Posts about: Health/Fitness/Travel

Why I love this account: O, where to begin! This Swedish bombshell provokes an inundated urge in me to wake up at 5am, haul my heinie to the gym and adopt a healthy lifestyle – indefinitely! She’s unequivocally striking and the embodiment of Healthy Living.

Guy Tang – The Hair Artist

Colourful Hair look created by Guy Tang

Followers to Date: 1.9 Million

Posts about: Hair/Products/Mimi – His cute little Pekingese

Why I love this account: Wow! The hair envy created by Guy’s Instagram Page is astonishing! Consequently, I would empty my bank account to attain any of these hairdos! He also has such a flamboyant demeanor and a pronounced sense of humour, which makes him excessively entertaining.

Josephine Skriver – The Victoria’s Secret Model

Josephine Skriver Victoria's Secret Model during runway show!

Followers to Date: 3.5 Million

Posts about: Model Life

Why I love this account: Once again, serious body envy. Josephine is undeniably exquisite, and I love her sexy fashion sense.

Molly Bee – The Makeup Artist

Molly Bee aka beautsoup colourful Makeup Look

Followers to Date: 413 Thousand

Posts about: Makeup Looks showcased on herself

Why I love this account: I idolise Molly’s, she has the most astonishing bone structure and such a unique elfish appearance. Her imaginative makeup creations are to die for!

Nyané Lebajoa – The Style Icon

Nyane Lebajoa fashion look

Followers to Date: 576 Thousand

Posts about: Fashion/Beauty/Travel

Why I love this account: Nyané is the personification of style. Her fashion sense is always on-point and photographed so exquisitely. She has such an unparalleled distinctive style. I also love her quirky hair changes!


Who’s Instagram account are you totally obsessed with?