dusty pink silk lace kimono from forever new south africa worn by girl smelling roses

In life I’m a firm believer in metaphorically pruning the rose bush that is your life, similar to an expert botanist, tending to it with love, care and charging it with positive energy, whilst taking time out to rest, reflect and reassess your goals to gauge if you’re closer or further to attaining the ideal life you’d love to live. Because leading a blissful, gratifying life that you envision for yourself is the collective goal, isn’t it!?

However, occasionally we become caught up with needless desirables to such an extent that we neglect to appreciate what we have, spending excessive amounts of time obsessing over (insert whatever bs here) which result in exhaustion, lethargy, halfhearted efforts, procrastination, etc. We create our own mountains and wonder why we never reach the top.

Theoretically, the biggest problem stems from our lack of appreciation for the basics, fundamentals such as breathing, living, and waking up knowing that your loved ones are safe. Say what you wish to say, it may be unnerving, yet tomorrow might be too late. Devote time each day, away from whatever device you’re glued to 24/7 to ask your family and friends (Hannah Baker?) if they genuinely are coping. Don’t stop perusing your goals or disregard your dreams, however, dedicate time to appreciate the prosperity you receive freely.

With recent events and all the hate and violence staring us in the face, suffocating us with its boisterous persistence, close enough to feel its breath on our necks. What actions can we implement to upturn this destructiveness? The power to decide is uniquely yours, will you share or shatter it, stop the provocation of negativity, or let it overgrow, allow it to bring you down and crush your soul OR acknowledge, accept and dispel it. Renounce these feelings, mourn if necessary, for as long as you need, thereafter move on.

In life there exist countless elements that are out of our control, if you’re brutally honest with yourself, you’ll reach the conclusion that the only control you have, is the control over your attitude, your outlook towards life, and your subsequent actions towards these situations is your sole salvation… One example of the few consistencies in life is change… Whether you approve or not, accept it or not, it’s happening every day, will you allow it to defy you, or will you allow it to define you, shape you, or scrape you, will you allow it to inspire you to be compassionate, or resentful?

This is your choice… Fundamentally, this is the only choice you have. The choice of how to react to people, situations, and life! Banish the drama, relinquish people and objects that hold you back.

The universal law dictates that everything consists of energy, preserve the positive and eschew the negative. After all,… What could you lose by having a positive attitude? Nothing. What could you gain by having a positive attitude? Nothing. However, you’ll feel noticeably stronger, healthier and upgraded from choosing the latter. And that, my darling, you can take to the bank.