Hair Superhero - Olaplex

Superheroes exist as fictitious characters, created to be extra-ordinary. That’s what makes them SUPERHEROES; the rules don’t apply to them. Governed only by the limitations of the imagination, most superheroes are remembered by their super powers. It’s a certain quality that only they possess, setting them apart from the norm, thus catapulting them from the ordinary, right into the atmosphere of awesomeness.   So remarkable that they are often commemorated in publications, animations, film adaptations and idolized by the masses.

I’m incredibly excited to be able to equate these qualities with a product! It goes by the name of Olaplex; and it’s the pioneering Superhero of the hair industry! Just one quick Google search will corroborate this. Similar to other superheroes, it’s already the subject of videos, tutorials, publications and comment threads the world over. Article upon article, photograph upon photograph is indicative of its magnificence. And now, FINALLY, it’s available on South African soil!

This product came to my attention whilst following one of my favourite (celebrity) stylists – Guy Tang – on YouTube. He creates gorgeously beautiful ombré / balayage transformations, amongst other perplexing hair marvels. He is a true artist and a genuine hair magician. An inspiration to myself, and his ever- growing social media followers! There are dozens of talented stylists and creative souls out there, we are truly fortunate to be able to connect and be inspired on a continual basis.

If you’ve never heard of Olaplex here’s a quick rundown; hair contains disulphide bonds, and these are easily broken by chemical and thermal processes amongst others. Whilst having chemical services these disulphide bonds break and turn into single sulfur hydrogen bonds. Olaplex works by finding and repairing these bonds before they combine with oxygen and cause damage by eating away at the protein. Olaplex works quickly to protect, maintain and restore the integrity of the hair.

If you’ve read my previous post on healthy hair, you’ll remember that it basically boils down to the fact that hair cannot be repaired but only temporarily reconditioned to appear healthy. And that’s the reason why Olaplex truly is a revolutionary product, and a stellar advancement in the industry! With 8 international patents pending and cutting edge science to back these claims up, the Olaplex flag can be hoisted high!

In addition to being a stand-alone treatment, Olaplex can be added to ALL chemical services, regardless of the brand. It’s suitable for ALL hair types and ethnicities. The range consists of 3 products all containing the same active ingredient at varying concentrations. Number 1 and 2 are salon exclusive and should be handled solely by a qualified stylist. Number 3 is an extension of the service for home care to maintain the health of the hair in-between salon visits. It’s essential to remember that it’s not a moisturizer, and should be used in accordance with your normal hair care routine. Remember that a (professional) shampoo and conditioner is still compulsory.

Olaplex is truly worthy of superhero status, however, every superhero has its Kryptonite – this is a remarkable tool but not fairy dust!!! If the hair is severely damaged, don’t have a chemical service done and expect Olaplex to be a cure-all! Rather shell out the cash for a stand-alone treatment, or 3, if required. Be patient, and have reasonable expectations. Any overnight hair transformation will still be damaging to a certain extent. Consulting with a reliable, qualified stylist is your best and safest bet.

On a personal note – I have decided that I’ll be using Olaplex to try a Platinum hue! Or perhaps take a spin around the entire colour wheel! Eek!!!! Excitement overload!!! I have coveted the shade for years; however, I’m extremely particular regarding the health of my hair, hence I never thought it would be feasible, until now. I’ll share my experience, and updates!

Find your nearest salon here. For further information, visit the Olaplex website.